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Air Oil Separator

  • Mann Air Oil Separator Replacement
Mann Air Oil Separator Replacement

Mann Air Oil Separator Replacement

  • Product description: Mann Air Oil Separator Replacement
Mann Air Oil Separator principle.

The inlet side of the screw inspiratory mouth, must be designed to make the compression chamber can inhale fully, no Air intake and exhaust valve group and screw compressor, Air intake by a regulating valve opening and closing adjustment, as the rotor turns, Mann Air Oil Separator

Main rotor tooth groove space when transferred to the inlet end wall openings, the space, the largest overhaul of the rotor note bearing installation, some bearing need to be heated when installation, on the hot water to cook for a while, the rotor tooth groove space and liberty in the inlet Air are interlinked, because of the exhaust Air is full of tooth canal of discharge, at the end of the exhaust, Mann Air Oil Separator tooth groove is in a vacuum, when transferred to Air inlet, outside Air is inhaled, along the axial flow into the main rotor tooth groove.When the air is filled with the entire gully, the inlet side of the rotor turns away from the air inlet of the enclosure, and the air between the grooves is closed.

2. Mann Air Oil Separator.

Sealing and conveying process:

Main two rotor at the end of the suction, and its main rotor tooth summit with casing sealed closed, the air inside the tooth groove sealed closed no longer outflows, namely [closed process. The nose need professional tools, why some nose overhaul after high temperature? Two rotor continues to turn, its teeth and the tooth groove on the suction side, consistent surface gradually moved towards the exhaust side.

3. Compression and injection process:

In the process of conveying, mating surface gradually moving to the exhaust end, i.e. between the tooth meshing surface and vent groove between reduced gradually, tooth groove gas gradually compressed, pressure increase, the nose what reason after repair and noise?The compression of the lubricating oil is also due to the pressure difference.

4. Does the Mann Air Oil Separator have strict requirements?

Is the oil component installed 1 cm high?Will it affect the quality of oil use?When the meshing surfaces of the rotor to the mines with casing exhaust, (the highest pressure of the compressed gas) of the compressed air to escape to until of teeth and tooth groove of the mating surface to the exhaust end face, the two rotor mating surface and the tooth groove casing vent space is zero, namely complete (exhaust process), at the same time the rotor mesh surface and casing length of tooth groove between the inlet and the longest, the suction process is in progress


Working time>4000H

Initial pressure difference<0.02MPa

Residual oil amount<3PPM



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