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Air Oil Separator

  • Kobelco Oil Separator Replacement
  • Kobelco Oil Separator Replacement
Kobelco Oil Separator ReplacementKobelco Oil Separator Replacement

Kobelco Oil Separator Replacement

  • Product description: Kobelco Oil Separator Replacement
Kobelco Air compressor maintenance:

After a period of normal operation, the Kobelco air compressor needs to regularity maintenance.The maintenance of air compressor can effectively reduce the breakdown and prolong the service life of air compressor,keep the air compressor running efficiently, making the user use air compressor more comfortable.

The maintenance of screw air compressor is usually to replace the air filter, oil filter and oil separator.

The core material of Kobelco oil separator is high-precision fiberglass.Its function is to separate compressed air and oil and make the compressed air cleaner.The service life of the Kobelco oil separator is usually 4000 hours, and should be replaced after service life expiration.

The clog alarm setting value of the air compressor is usually 0.8-1.0 bar, usually blocked will make separation efficiency is poor, cause a large oil consumption and oil content of compressed air, affect the operation of the backend purification equipment and the normal operation of the gas equipment;The increase of pressure resistance causes the actual exhaust pressure of the unit to increase,and air compressor consumption can increase.After the failure, the filter material of glass fiber is removed into the oil, leading to a shortened life of the kobelco oil filter and abnormal wear of the main engine.


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