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Working Principle Of Air Filter

The structure of the air filter from the inlet into the compressed air, the introduction of the guide plate, the guide plate has a uniform distribution of similar fan blades of the oblique teeth, forcing the high-speed flow of compressed air along the tangent direction of the teeth to produce a strong rotation, mixed in the air of liquid water oil and larger impurities in the strong centrifugal force to separate out, Throw to the inner wall of the water Cup and flow to the bottom of the Water Cup.

Remove liquid water oil and larger impurities in the compressed air, and then through the filter to further filter, clear the small solid particles, and then output from the export of clean compressed air. The umbrella flap separates the water Cup into the upper and lower parts, and the bottom maintains the pressure static zone, which can prevent the high speed rotating airflow from absorbing the water oil of the cup bottom. The water oil gathered at the bottom of the cup is removed from the drain valve. The air filter must be installed vertically in the water Cup.



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