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Application Range Of Air Filter

The use of user-friendly design, easy to replace the filter cartridge, the use of high-quality filtration materials and technical design, filter with super hydrophobic permeability, high-quality aluminum alloy shell, completely remove the compressed air of oil, impurities, liquid water. The product is more capable of cleaning up pollution and less pressure drop. The use of high-quality aluminum alloy manufacturing; internal and external spraying of epoxy resin powder, in order to improve the pressure and corrosion resistance, O-type sealing ring, rib shell, easy to use elbow wrench, pressure differential table prompts the best time to replace the filter core, as far as possible, the investment utilization of filter and reduce pressure drop Liquid level indicator can be used for visual monitoring level, keep in mind maintenance, working pressure for 0.2--1.3mpa, working temperature <66.

Compressed air filter is to remove the pollutants in the compressed air system: Iron filings, dust, scale and other corrosive solid particles, compressor lubricants, condensation drops, acid cooling condensate and hydrocarbon fog, for the compressor air system to meet the needs of the application of High-quality compressed air device. is one of the essential filtration equipment in the factory or laboratory, including the upper cover, the middle shell and the lower shell, both the upper cover and the middle shell are provided with two round holes, and the two corresponding round holes of the upper cover and the middle shell are connected with two aluminum drums, forming the first and second filter chambers, and the lower end of the lower shell is connected with the drainage device with a connecting joint, and a floating ball is arranged in The device also uses a two-stage three-segment filter structure, that is, the first and second filter chamber and the middle Shell formed three-part filter structure, the equipment set up a special filter material, so that the entire compression process can be the air of water, oil, rust and other impurities thoroughly removed, filtration efficiency can reach 99.9%.



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